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Committed to

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Shad Higgins

Shad Higgins family heritage runs deep in Buncombe county. After the revolutionary war, his ancestors settled in and 7th generations later, we have Shad.  The family has volunteered, worked and loved Buncombe County.  Being passionately involved in his community has taught Shad that being the sheriff is more than having a law enforcement background; it is knowing the people of the communities you serve and knowing how to administer the business of the Sheriff’s Office.

Shad has been out in Buncombe County meeting and listening the voice of the people.

For months Shad has been stopping in to restaurants and events throughout Buncombe County to meet and listen to the concerns of the people in the local communities.  Here are some fun pictures of a few new supporters!  Keep your eyes out all over Buncombe county next...

Forrest E. Jarrett Wild Game Dinner to Benefit Wild Life Conservation

It was an honor to be able to  attend the Forrest E. Jarrett Wild Game Dinner on Feb 20th.  It was an successful night of of charity and camaraderie held at Chestnut Restaurant.  Here are some images of Andrew Helton receiving the proceeds raised for the  District 9...

Meet and Greet in Fairview, NC Jan 13 2018

It was an honor to meet the people of the Fairview area January 13th at our Meet and Greet with Shad Higgins.  It was refreshing to have so many people of the community come out, ask questions, discuss the community concerns, needs and goals for the Fairview...

You are invited! Join us at the Fairview Community Center Shad For Sheriff Meet & Eat January 13th 6pm

Would you like to ask Shad about his platform for Buncombe County Sheriff? Do you have some concerns about Buncombe County Community that you would like to share with Shad? Looking for a night out with fun, interesting conversation and wonderful people? Then Mark you...

Dr. Fagan speaks about the Buncombe County Drug Problems

It was so interesting and insightful to listen to Dr. Fagan speak about the Buncombe County Drug Problems in December.  We learned a great deal and although some of the stats are shocking, it is nothing the we as a community- together cannot beat!  Would you like to...

My campaign platform is simple

  • Serve the community and give back as Sheriff
  • Keeping our families, communities and schools safe and drug free
  • Equality and Public Safety

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