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Committed to

A safe Buncombe County for you and your Family

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Shad Higgins

Shad Higgins family heritage runs deep in Buncombe county. After the revolutionary war, his ancestors settled in and 7th generations later, we have Shad.  The family has volunteered, worked and loved Buncombe County.  Being passionately involved in his community has taught Shad that being the sheriff is more than having a law enforcement background; it is knowing the people of the communities you serve and knowing how to administer the business of the Sheriff’s Office.

You are invited! Join us at the Fairview Community Center Shad For Sheriff Meet & Eat January 13th 6pm

Would you like to ask Shad about his platform for Buncombe County Sheriff? Do you have some concerns about Buncombe County Community that you would like to share with Shad? Looking for a night out with fun, interesting conversation and wonderful people? Then Mark you...

Dr Fagan speaks about the Buncombe County Drug Problems

It was so interesting and insightful to listed to Dr Fagan speak about the Buncombe County Drug Problems in Dec.  We learned a great deal and although some of the stats are shocking, it is nothing the we as a community- together cannot beat!  Would you like to learn...

Have you seen Shad around Buncombe County?

Shad had been visiting all corners of Buncombe county to get to know the citizens that make each community unique. From sitting with folks over breakfast in South Asheville to joining the parade in Weaverville then to one on one chats with the folks east and west and...

Charles Taylor Christmas Dinner 2017

It was such an honor attend the 25th Charles Taylor Christmas Dinner.

Great speaker was Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton who headlined the 25th Annual Charles Taylor Christmas Dinner. Bolton has served in several Republican administrations, and was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations by President George W. Bush. He also served as under secretary of state for arms control and international security. Bolton was an assistant to Secretary of State James Baker and was a protégé of conservative North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms.

Also appearing was North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore. Former Congressman Taylor has praised both the North Carolina State House, Senate, and members of the Council of State for their work in moving North Carolina forward. The program included updates from federal, state and local elected officials on important political issues.

The Christmas Dinner was held at 7 p.m. Saturday, December 16 at the Expo Center at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Asheville. A separate, private reception began at 5:30 p.m. in the Blue Ridge Room

Shad Higgins holding the door open for an election supporter

Oct 30th

Where do you eat breakfast or lunch in Buncombe County? Be on the Lookout, each week, Shad is doing Meet & Greets by visiting various restaurants across beautiful Buncombe county! He answers questions, meets the people and treats them to the meal. Here are some photos...

My campaign platform is simple

  • Serve the community and give back as Sheriff
  • Keeping our families, communities and schools safe and drug free
  • Equality and Public Safety

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